Saturday, December 26, 2009

and you thought you'd got all your presents...

Hop on over to SumScrapper for a one day super special - everything in the store is 50% off on Saturday December 26th.

I've got my eyes on Pammy's Xmas Wishes for my 2009 Christmas pages.

I've also been hankering after Marcie's Color My World, with its fabulous primary kid colours - perfect for paging up my grandies.

Thinking about those grandies, DigiScrap Princess' Hope would be great for the granddaughters. The kit is celebrating women battling breast cancer but it is lovely enough for little girls as well.

I could go on but it is better you go see for yourself.
See you there!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Great album making from AlbumWorks

I've just finished two amazing terms filling in as Teacher Librarian at a great girls' school while the real TL was off on maternity leave and have retired - again! And this time for good. Time to get back into the fun of digi and dusting off my photo stock pile.

My first big project was to make a Christmas present for my daughter. I wanted to make her a photo book about the first 5 years of her son's life. I wasn't looking forward to doing battle with album software, most I had tried in the past were not all that user friendly. But the fates were looking after me and I had an email about Album Works so I gave them a try. Bliss! The album software was intuitive and allowed for lots of customisation. They delivered with blistering speed and the quality was superb.

They are Australian based but they also deliver internationally. Give them a look at: