Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cake me to your eater

This has little to do with actually making photo albums and more to do with what ends up in them, well end up in mine anyway.

My DD is a CSI, a tough job at the best of times. As a sideline, she does cake decorating and she's darn good at it! I have lots of pages featuring her bent over with a piping bag in hand adding her special touch to yet another great creation.

She calls her business Cake Me To Your Eater and her website has just been updated. Take a look here.

Title font: Arruba

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another 12 x 12 page for small images

I’m back at work on MiL’s album and doing another page with small pics from her old home ‘among the gum trees’. All the diamonds and squares are just 2” square.

This is a companion page to one that appeared earlier on… oh my gosh, the 6th of April. I really need to do more work on that book or it won’t get finished!

Font: Pristina
Elements: ribbon and gum nuts are my own

Sorry, link has expired but you can access it from the Dusty Digitals website.

If you do download, a little ‘love’ in the form of a note or comment would be appreciated.