Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's that you say?

Using speech bubbles can add an extra twist to otherwise ordinary images. This family album page is a good example. I had the photos of our dog and our son's dog jostling for position of top dog while son's cat watched from a safe distance. The pictures weren't great and I only had a couple. What to do?

The cat on his chair gave me an idea and once he was made Director, I just had to come up with lines for the dogs and turn their images into strips of film by adding holes along the edges. Now the page has a humourous tone and is much more interesting.

I only use this technique occasionally but it is always fun to do. Give it a try!

And which one is our dog? The cutest one of course.

Fonts - Tekton Pro; Franklin Gothic Medium; Arial
Overlay on background - thanks to Laitha - Mariella Carugati products, available at PickleBerry Pop

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