Monday, September 28, 2009

Dabbling with design

I've enjoyed the wonderful digi-scrapping things made by others and now I'm having a go as well. I am so lucky to have good friends over at SumScrapper who are being very patient with a new designer. Sonya has let me set up a shoppe there and it is exciting to see it growing with new items. I've been making mostly brushes but now I am also doing swatches and botanical extractions as well.

One of the really great things about Sum Scrapper is that it is a community. There is a forum for sharing and gossiping and, major bonus, because Sonya is a professional photographer, we also get lots of help and assistance with our photo taking as well.

So if you like the support of a community plus access to lovely kits then get yourself off to SumScrapper, we'd all love to see you there! And when you get there, hunt down the freebies.

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Nita said...

Heads up everyone - if you haven't tried Jan's brushes, you're in for a treat. I've tested them all & they're excellent. My favorite is the Floral Swag Brushes. Try filling them in with color & layer styles for unique elements. The daffodils are high resolution & expertly extracted & I'm looking forward to the other flowers she has in progress. Last, but not least, you will LUV her paper doll brushes. Try making a border for your LO with them. Better still, why not enlarge them, print them out on banner paper & let your child decorate them for a birthday party streamer? They would also be cute as as placecards for your child's birthday. Duplicate & rotate one, add the child's name. Print, fold in half & you have a darling placecard!

No, this is NOT a paid advertisement. [chuckle]